Through the production of top quality sugar and ethanol, the company efficiently supplies the domestic and international markets.  Other products from its plants include animal feed, yeast, and molasses powder.

In its productive and operational processes, Biosev operates within rigid principles of respect to the environment, a commitment which is part of its day-to-day activities. In line with this position, the company produces its own energy, part of which is used in its plants and part of which is sold as surplus, contributing to supplying the market with renewable energy.

The company has 1,346 GW/year.
Another advantage that the company offers its sugarcane suppliers is the "Programa Mais Cana", through which the supplier is offered a package of benefits aimed at increasing the productivity of the harvest through transfer of technology, supply of healthy seedlings, execution and financing of plantation, concession of credit and access to fertilizers and pesticides at optimized costs.

Furthermore, there is perfect integration with cattle farmers seeking to optimize rural properties by supplying feed with high nutritional value in the driest period of the year, enabling the farmer to gain greater income with the plantation of sugarcane while still offering the same level of foodstuffs to the meat and milk consumer market.


To diversify its portfolio and supply different distribution channels, Biosev’s production is aimed both at the domestic and foreign markets. The company sells its traditional Estrela refined sugar brand on the Brazilian retail market.

Biosev also caters to the main food companies in the country with sugar in 50-kilo bags, 1,200-kilo bags, plus sugar in bulk. Its main manufacturing clients include Nestlé, Coca-Cola, AmBev, Kraft, Dori, and Unilever, among others.



  • Crystal sugar (sucrose crystals)
  • CG Sugar (controlled granulometry sucrose crystals)
  • Liquid sugar (high purity sucrose solution)
  • Liquid inverted sugar (sucrose, glucose, and 
    fructose solution)
  • VHP sugar (raw product for export)
  • Refi ned sugar (for the domestic market)


  • Hydrous ethanol (94.5% pure fuel)
  • Anhydrous ethanol (99.3% pure fuel)
  • Neutral ethanol


  • Bioelectricity from sugarcane bagasse


  • Molasses powder (energy supplement)
  • Molasses powder (MBS)


  • Dry yeast

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