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From the beginning, Biosev’s trajectory has been marked by hard work, challenges, and major achievements, which have contributed to the company’s tendency to grow, which comes from its DNA. It should be pointed out that, from the beginning of the expansion process in 2000 through to its association with Santelisa in 2009, the company increased its 0.9 million-ton production capacity to 36.4 million tons, through acquisitions, expansion processes and implementation of new greenfield units.

Growth begins throught acquisitions, with the Cresciumal mill, in the city of Leme (São Paulo state)

Acquisition of the Luciânia mill (now the Lagoa da Prata Mill), in the city of Lagoa da Prata (Minas Gerais state), expanding its market share in the Center-South of Brazil

Beginning of cogeneration operations at Cresciumal mill.

Acquisition of São Carlos Mill at Jaboticabal.

Beginning of the expansion process at Lagoa da Prata mill and construction of the Rio Brilhante unit (Greenfield project) in Mato Grosso do Sul state.

Acquisition of the "Tavares de Melo Açúcar e Álcool” plants, expanding the company’s operations in Rio Grande do Norte, Mato Grosso do Sul, and Paraíba states. Sugarcane crushing capacity reached 11 million tons.

Rio Brilhante Plant starts operations.

Assocoation between Biosev, up to then called LDC Bioenergia, and Santelisa Vale. The Company has 13 mills and expands processing  capacity of 40 million tons of surgarcane.

The company approves the change of its name to Biosev.

With the sale of certain agricultural assets of São Carlos unit, the company is replaced by 12 mills with a crushing capacity of 37.9 million tons of sugarcane per year. Biosev celebrates its IPO (Inicial Public Offering) in BM&FBovespa. The Passa Tempo cogeneration unit starts operating.

Hibernation of the Jardest mill and processing capacity of 36.4 milion tons of sugar cane per year. 


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