Biosev recognizes the importance of relations and partnership with the public at large and makes it a point to demonstrate the transparency of its operations. For this, it has implemented the V.E.M. (Vivenciar, Entender e Multiplicar – Experience, Understand and Multiply) program, which organizes planned visits to its industrial and agricultural units. Apart from getting acquainted with the Company’s facilities, visitors have the opportunity to learn more about sugarcane, a renewable and versatile crop that can be used as a raw material for several products and as a source of clean energy.

Visits are held periodically and also serve to demonstrate the best practices in Biosev’s operations, and other aspects such as safety, environment and social responsibility. The V.E.M. program is open to clients, students, suppliers, social entities, industry associations and other business partners.

How to visit Biosev

  • Choose the unit closest to your residence. This facilitates travel to the unit, since visitors are responsible for their own transportation to the unit. Addresses and other contacts are available here;
  • All visit requests – internal and external – must be made via the Visit Request Form;
  • The visit request must be made at least 20 days in advance;
  • You will receive a response within five business days after submitting the Visit Request Form duly completed;
  • Visits are conducted in accordance with the guidelines in the Code of Conduct relating to stakeholder relations and with the internal standards of Biosev.

Schedule your visit

To schedule a visit, first fill out a request form, which will be analyzed for availability before your visit is confirmed.

Click here to open the electronic form