13 de April de 2021

Biosev’s shareholders approve stock merger at shareholder meeting

With this decision, the company prepares to exit B3 after 8 years

São Paulo, April 13, 2021 – At the Extraordinary Shareholder Meeting held on April 8, 2021, the shareholders of Biosev S.A. (Biosev) approved the merger of the company’s shares with Hédera Investimentos e Participações S.A. (Hédera). The stock merger is one of the steps toward the business merger involving Biosev, Raízen Combustíveis and Raízen Energia (Raízen Group companies), as announced to the market in February (“the Transaction”).

Following this decision, those Biosev shareholders who decided against exercising their withdrawal rights will receive shares in Hédera, a closely held corporation that will not request registration as a publicly held company listed on the Novo Mercado segment. In addition to the migration of Biosev’s shareholders to its base, Hédera will receive Biosev’s interest in the Guarujá Sugar Exports Terminal (TEAG) and assume a portion of Biosev’s restructured debt, which are other steps required for the completion of the Transaction.

As part of Biosev’s ongoing corporate restructuring, minority shareholders who migrate to Hédera are being offered put options at the unit price of two US Dollars (US$ 2.00). Shareholders interested in availing themselves of this offer must sign the Put and Call Option Agreement with Hédera’s controlling shareholder by April 30, 2021.


The business integration of Biosev and the Raízen Group companies marks a new trajectory for the companies, recognizing Biosev’s achievements in driving operational efficiency and Raízen’s potential for innovation and growth in the sector.
More information about the transaction, and details of the Put and Call Option Agreement, are available on Biosev’s website.